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Descargar e Instalar CrossOver para MAC OS X

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CrossOver Mac

App Name. Smile Score. Suggest other similar software suggested. The only drawback when using these computers is that some professional applications don't have a version designed for Mac OS X.

But this obstacle can easily be bypassed by using a tool like CrossOver , that offers you the possibility to install the most popular Windows applications on your Mac. Once you have installed any Windows application supported by CrossOver , you'll be able to open it as you would normally do with any other Mac application. Thus, you'll be able to use your favorite Windows applications while enjoying a perfect integration with the rest of applications that you've installed.

CrossOver free download for Mac | MacUpdate

Requirements and additional information:. Editors' note: This is a review of the trial version of CrossOver for Mac Great to be able to run old games from years ago and purchase games unavailable for mac to run on the apple laptop. It is a great price and there is a free trial so you can see for yourself that it will work. If you have an issue or question there are always guys there to return your emails very quickly, and they are kind and knowledgeable.

Of course it dosnt work for every windows game and app and it would have been nice to receive a copy of instructions and an explanation of exactly how everything was working, but then again, I never asked, it just worked. Since the path to get it working is more than what I'd expect, I can't really think of anything positive. It's complicated, and not in a relationship status on Facebook sort of way - it's just compllicated. CodeWeavers: Keep working at it!

Make it easy to get up and running, and retain the features that eliminate the need to buy Windows or set this up on a separate partition and reboot Once it's all super easy, I'll be totally on board. Installs easily on Mountain Lion. Checked for updates. I downloaded it because of the Halloween Free special. Tried IE 7 and it works OK but smooth fonts don't work and some plugin compatibility is broken.

The real problem with Crossover is not on the side that runs in OS X. Its the Windows apps that run in Crossover. The newer the version of the App the more issues it has running. Its a toss up if it will run or not. I only tried IE 7 because it was rated the most stable. You can run up to IE 8 or as low as IE 6. But IE 9 is apparently not working. That is the whole problem. If you cannot run the latest version what good is Crossover?

CrossOver 18.0 for Mac Overview

If you really need just one Windows app and you find it does rate well with Crossover. Its probably cheaper then running a virtual machine and buying Windows.

CrossOver 13 Lets You Install Windows Apps On Your Mac Without Boot Camp [Review]

But in my opinion its not good enough to recomend. Runs the small handful of Windows software I needed this for. It does what it is advertised to do. This is not a full Windows implementation. It is a basic framework with on-demand bits of Windows needed to run the software listed and a few more that are not listed.

Crossover Mac I purchased the "Pro" version fulfills all my needs. If I was a "gamer" or had a vast Windows-based library of software titles, then I wouldn't have bought Crossover - I would have a full Win install. In my book, software that does exactly what the developer says it does and the same-said developer keeps the software updated , then it gets 5 stars. This review was originally posted on VersionTracker. CrossOver is potentially a very useful program. I used it quite extensively early in my return to Macs from the Dark Side this year long story - dead G5, cheap Win laptops The setup process isn't too onerous, although there is some room for confusion about what's going on, particularly among novice users.