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  1. Confirmed: Apple Moves Mac Pro Manufacturing Back to Texas
  2. Apple Moves Mac Pro Production to China

The Mac Pro has been a slow seller, and Apple had not updated it since introducing it in In December, Apple announced that it would add up to 15, workers in Austin , just miles from the Mac Pro plant.

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None of the new jobs are expected to be in manufacturing. Apple, like most big-name computer makers, typically designs its products in the United States, where some of its parts are made as well.

The $6,000 desktop computer had been the company’s only major device assembled in the U.S.

In most cases, though, the final assembly is done in places like China, where manufacturing costs are significantly lower. After saying it would build the Mac Pro in the United States, Apple encountered a range of problems in trying to do so at the Texas plant.

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Among other issues, Apple struggled to find companies that could produce some of the parts needed for the computers. The move cut costs and helped provide the company the enormous scale it needed to produce some of the best-selling tech devices ever.

Confirmed: Apple Moves Mac Pro Manufacturing Back to Texas

The assembly includes parts made around the world. While facing pressure from the Trump administration to move manufacturing operations to the United States, Apple has also faced pressure from shareholders as its sales have slowed. Apple was mum on its sourcing for the Mac Pro when it announced the machine earlier this month, which heavily implied that it had given up on its USA factory and was returning to China. The Wall Street Journal reports this is indeed the case.

Apple Moves Mac Pro Production to China

It is cheaper to assemble in China as other components of the computer are made nearby, resulting in lower shipping costs than if Apple tried to do the project in the US. At one point, it was reported that Apple struggled to source a single type of screw, contributing to lengthy launch delay. As always, an Apple spokesperson stressed that final assembly is just one part of the manufacturing pipeline. Apple said it supports manufacturing in 30 U. The Mac Pro was a commercial failure as much as a manufacturing process mishap. The Mac Pro has been heralded as a successful return to form, featuring endless configuration options and the ability to spec it up to a core CPU, 1.

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  • Apple Moves Mac Pro Production to China - WSJ.
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If it had been assembled in the US, in all likelihood, it would have cost even more. Of course, the news that Apple is shifting production from the US back to China is unlikely to please the current Trump administration, who has repeatedly pressured companies to bring jobs back to the United States.