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  1. Outlook (version on Mac) keeps wanting to open a browser to sign in to gmail - Gmail Help
  2. Fix: Office 2016 Grant Access Error on MacOS
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  4. Free Guide: Fix Crashes or Rebuild Database Identity in Outlook 2016 Mac

To fix this error it is advised to clear Outlook Mac cache.

Outlook (version on Mac) keeps wanting to open a browser to sign in to gmail - Gmail Help

These could be the two reasons causing error, solving these problems will fix the Outlook for Mac Sync Error. Follow the below given steps to solve Outlook Mac Sync problem. This will disable the sync services, if the error is resolved it means the sync preferences are corrupted and needs to be reset. To reset Outlook for Mac sync problems check the below given steps. This will remove the Outlook for Mac Sync Error. You can try any of the above methods as per the system and error encountered.

But always back up files before starting any process. These manual steps will remove the Microsoft Sync problem in Outlook for Mac. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Last updated on August 6th, at am Due to the popularity of Outlook, most of the users ask to use Outlook on Mac devices thus Microsoft released Outlook for Mac.

Spent another hour to find out how to eventually recup the file. No way. Microsoft is light years ahead. So my Retina will be the last Mac computer I will ever buy.

Never ever again. A totally disappointed user. You have lost a client. Outlook is a Microsoft product not Apple. I blame Microsoft for making this folder so difficult to find. I can find the Cache folder, but it does not contain a TemporaryItems sub folder. Does anyone know how to fix this? This help does not work for all versions of software combination but it does provide some nice pointers. The key is that Apple tends to hide these files in different places for different versions.

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To find that location I opened an attachment in outlook. Then I looked at the properties which shows the file location. Then in finder I did what was described in terms of go to folder and copied in that file locations which worked fine. Did what Gary suggested and found it in seconds!!!


FYI: With Outlook , images are not found in this cache. Not sure if this was true of Outlook The easiest way to find a particular image was to use find:.

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Thank you!!! I opened a powerpoint from outlook, and could not find it after saving it and having spent an hour editing it.

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Fix: Office 2016 Grant Access Error on MacOS

You saved me! After a long long search and help from my friends. And it worked! But why, oh why make it difficult for users?

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I will go off Apple products if they keep doing this to us! I very much appreciate the advice. Apple has made finding this temporary space much more difficult in one of the recent updates to either the Mac OS or Outlook. Here is how I am able to find the files in the Temp folder:.

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Open the originating document from Outlook and hit Save As. From this, you can find the full path to the temp folder holding subject file along with the inadvertently saved version. This step requires another app that will allow you to view the hidden files and folders.

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You need access to the folder called private at the root of the MacHD. Once you have access to the private folder, you can then drill down to the subfolder show in the originating document. One more point. In my particular case which I assume will not be the same for everyone , here is where the files were located:.

Free Guide: Fix Crashes or Rebuild Database Identity in Outlook 2016 Mac

What a complicated way to find a file that should be readily accessible. It cost me a whole day of work. Yes, I too was close to having a fit because my file was lost. Does anyone know how to stop Word from doing this in the future? I echo the thanks above. I, too, almost had a heart attack and am now happy and calm, having pushed send on the document I was working on. Much appreciated!!

At the morning before a presentation is due, I would just like to say I have never been more grateful for a website in my entire life. Thank you with all of my heart. Thanks a lot! Very easy and quick fix. I tried Microsoft Office support first but without success……. The answer I got was that there was no problem……. This was perfect! Awesome — thank you! Excellent directions. Easy to find. I tested the theory after discovering an empty folder today.