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When I 'Get Info' on this folder it shows an unknown user as the owner. I'm guessing I need to make that me. By the way to get to this point, rather than run the multiple exec chowns I followed Creeture's xargs method and that seemed to work - all but this particular issue. Also note that I can access all my files. There are no files in the inaccessible 'Documents' folder and there is another 'Documents' folder directly under the Mac Harddrive - I am not a regular Mac user but would like to change that.

Finally, as per Mike, the user doesn't appear in the list but can be accessed by manually typing in the credentials from the 'Other' option. Cabeleireiro says: Jun 18, PM. So the permissions error probably had something to do with the state of that instance of Ubuntu. I had been experimenting with putting my home folder on a second hard drive.

Ed Burns says: Jun 27, PM. I didn't see anything about after some quick web searching, so I thought I'd just add on here after figuring it out. Select the desired existing group in the left pane. Ctrl click on the desired group and choose "Advanced Options You will be presented with a modal dialog in which you can edit the GID.

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Make sure you have a back up!!! These steps failed for me. After following described steps, I could not login with my modified user. I booted into recovery mode and repaired permissions and verified the disk. I also used resetpassword to update the users home folder ACLs. I reset the user password for good measure, too. All to no avail. One possible difference is my HD is encrypted. I'm not sure if that is the reason or not but I now need to restore from back up. Roman says: Sep 02, PM. Sorry to hear. Bob g says: Sep 02, PM.

Roman says: Sep 03, AM. Thanks Bob, I missed that. Thanks, Roman.

The generated uid issue seems more to do with network login. I think I have a solution which did not require restoring from back-up.

Here was my problem: After following the described steps as outlined in your article, I could not login. The login screen showed me two prompts one for the user and one for the hard disk. Logging in to either one would just freeze. Couple things to note: My HD was encrypted and the user was enabled to login without prompting for the HD pwd. And my file system had uid issues but didn't manifest themselves until after encrypting the HD. A long time ago I had to create a new user to fix some other stupid apple issue.

Hence my user had uid but a lot of files on the disk were owned by So I decided to use your very well done steps to solve my problem of getting all the files under the original user uid To be fair: I don't think your steps had anything to do necessarily with the issues I'm having. I suspect my mac was not in a good state even though it was working. Here was the solution: In addition to all the steps in your article, I did these additional steps to get back to working with no uid files.

But it didn't, so I continued. After this completed successfully, I still had issues logging in with myuser. Rebooted and logged in as myuser. I don't remember if it worked right off the bat or if I attempted to login more than once but now I'm able to login with myuser. And it seems like all my data is there. My ruby development environment no longer works. I need to install xCode, it seems that got lost in this process.

It's like I have a clean machine. I thought all my development stuff would still work but I guess not. Anyway, Roman, I think I'm back on track. And thank you for your article it did help me. For other readers, the alternative approach I think might have been cleaner: just create a new user and migrate the user data from time machine back-up rather than mucking around with all these low level commands.

However, I do have a lot more understanding of how the ACLs work! MattT says: Sep 12, AM. Hey, Thanks for the info, very helpful with some work I'm currently doing. Just though that I'd add a way to find what user is currently as that is in my case a required step: dscl. The whole discussion is way over my head! I just want to create a new username and since my machine is in a secure location, I want to log on once each day, shut down and start up and log on the next day or so without having Lion prompt to log on every 10 minutes.

A simple answer please even if means having reload my whole system!. This is a really great set of notes on how to get something done that was very difficult. Thanks so much - and you might want to update the "chown" commands to include the "-hf" instead of "-h" switch to get around the possible problems with extended ACL's that can prevent chown from working correctly. Now if only I could figure out why Migration Assistant gets an error when I try moving over one particular user.

It copies the files OK, but gets an error when creating the user, so doesn't complete the migration process completely. Wolfgang says: Nov 21, AM. Explaining Guido's hint; here is a how to, demonstrating how we can avoid use of Sed and yet also use and replace a prior argument! Thank you to both Guido and Roman especially for hosting this page. Finally, this tutorial also works for Thank you for this tutorial. I am still hesitating because of a lot of installed programs like TimeCapsule, Iphone sync and backup, Xcode etc.

How to find your MAC Address

If id are different, mapping is needed. But looking at the different steps proposed, I suggest some variants or additions which could be useful: - At first there is an Apple tool which you can install. Google for "Server Admin Tools It can be helpful to look at your user id and group id, create new groups etc. It is a server application but it works for clients.

Here are a few suggestions: - "id Alice" is a standard Unix command which also gives the various groups the user belongs to. It reveals if admin 80 belongs to it or not. Then you have to rename the files with mv. Josh says: Aug 07, PM. These steps worked great for me on OS X Joe says: Nov 18, AM. Thanks for this guide. It's definitely what I need to share my home folder with Linux.

But what about Time Machine backups? Is it safe to change the IDs of the backup files using find? Roman says: Nov 26, AM.

OS X | Marek Bell

Glad if it helped. About the Time Machine backups: Yes, it should be perfectly safe to change the ownership of the backup files. Trudge says: Jan 19, PM. Excellent guide to OSX I run Perl through Apache and each script writes a log file to the current directory. This guide went a long way to helping me clear up my situation. Many thanks. Michael says: Mar 26, PM.

Change your MAC Address!

Thank you very much, this was very helpful. Don't know if these are important enough to make it into the guide, though CY says: May 06, AM. I thought those if not present will be created by the system. The old ones just left in there. I will try to test it when I get a chance. Roman says: May 06, AM. But the point is that the old files and folders will still exist and won't be purged deleted later — neither automatically nor as a result of a usual user interaction emptying Trash , as there is no user left with a corresponding id.

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Messages not working yet but FaceTime got fixed! Posted October 3, Posted October 4, Posted October 25, Thank you so much, Regards, ElCoyote. Posted October 28, Kind regards,. Posted October 29, Posted November 5, Posted November 6, Has anyone been able to get the serialnumber config parameter to work on ESXI 5. Posted November 23, Posted December 3, Posted December 8, Posted December 15, M-u-l-t-i Beast 6. So far nothing has worked Posted January 4, Apparently a known issue that VMware is aware of and is looking into a fix.

Posted January 6, Posted January 9, Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. Register a new account. Sign in Already have an account? Sign In Now. Announcements InsanelyMac Theme Problems with donation. Similar Content. VMware Tools are installed. How can I fix this issue? I have 1 month left before it resets, but now that I know I can just change my MAC address Id definitely do that instead Any help would be deeply appreciated!

If anyone knows a better way or find any error in code please share.

Install spoof-mac on Mac OSX

OSX Same here. Would be nice not to have to change on a reboot. I just have to run a small script on startup but still Reply. OK, Ive tried this in the past everything goes as its supposed to but then the Internet connection wont work I dont have wireless I have a router through the Internet company, like with a wire that connects right into the compIm not sure if thats a factor. Doing the procedure again fixes it, no issues. With the computer serial number I can get the original MAC address? I lost my macbook and I need the mac address. Neither of this works for me.

I have the root user enabled. Please advise? Ok i made it work but it resets on restart. Is there a way to set random mac address upon each restart? ER no every network problem I have encountered on linux has been 10 x more complex then on a mac. Whenever i change my mac address it is fine, but once i shut it down it always goes back to the default address im trying to change, any ideas? Whenever i change my mac address it is fine, but once i shut it down it always goes back to the default address im trying to change, any ideas??

I did this procedure and then checked it using the command ifconfig en0 grep ether which show the new mac address i chose. So, when I do the default command everything works, but unfortunately I play on the WiFI So When I go to spoof the mac for the en1 interface I get the message: ifconfig: Wi-Fi: bad value I have been entering addresses found by the random generator and tried addresses from the other generating commands in the comments, which doesnt even generate for me. Any help would be appreciated, thanks! Even with Wi-Fi you need to set its ether i. Thus, try: sudo su ifconfig en1 ether xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx Also, the Wi-Fi adapter needs to be on so connect to some random other network first Note: for xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx you can try just adding one to your current ethernet address.

I was getting the same bad value message on following the interactions on here. To check which ones which, use: networksetup -listallhardwareports This is working for me as Im typing it from a hotel chain that tries to make you pay if you want more than the initial 30 mins. Hope it helps. So I have done this all and successfully changed the Mac number, now where is this magic internet connection?

To me I am in the same boat as before with my own Mac number looking at a long list of password locked wifi signals Reply. It wont allow you to get through a encrypted system. But if there is a wifi connection that will give you some free time but then wants you to pay after the free time like xfinity public hotspots you can keep on changing the Mac address to get unlimited free internet. So for example Xfinity public hotspots will give you a complimentary hour.

How to Change Your MAC Address

So once that hour is up you can change your mac address and get another free hour. Repeat again and again for unlimited free internet Reply. I need to know because my dad will punish me if I break the computer. Thanks in advance. Ive done this many times before but since the update today it doesnt work. Ive tried everything and I put the same stu as always in but when i try to confirm that Ive changed it it comes up with the same address.

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